Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Meeting April's Employer

I received an email from April about a week ago but was too busy with school work that it got burried in my piles of unread messages. I had a chance to clean up my mail box the other day and responded to messages that badly needed attention. April's message was very encouraging, yes, at a time when I don't see the importance of continuing my studies. Depression hits hard. Anyways, I told April that I would love to meet her employer. I've heard good words about her, so I think it's about time to meet her in person. However, I told April that I'd like to do that and perhaps observe her class, too. She agreed. I think that trust has been established- and I think that April knows that other than the fact that I want to earn my degree, deep in my heart, I want to help- those who want to improve their teaching and most importantly- themselves. I think with April and Joy [Fina] I think I've accomplished my goal. Success here is intrinsic- but so powerful and I find it difficult to describe it- perhaps in due time.


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