Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Seminar on Teacher Professional Development in Southern Taiwan (Chinese)

For Teachers in Taiwan, you may want to attend this seminar.
Please pass this info to your colleagues or to anyone whom you know may benefit from this session.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Social Network Official Trailer -In theatres Oct 1 2010

This is not just a story about Facebook- the social network. It's a story about all the negative things about being human- greed, selfishness, vicious desires, etc., etc. It shows what people would do for the sake of money. Take the trivial things out of FB, and what have you got?

500 million friends. wow, what a network. But with that number, what kinds of relationships are created? How long can a social pyramid based on weak foundations of trivial friends and connections stand? It will soon crumble, and when it does count again the number of friends on your list, and you'll see.

This film is showing in October. Are you going to watch it? I think I will; I'd like to find out how the professors/admi in Harvard reacted to the whole FB thing. I wonder how their (the two kids featured in the movie) professors felt when the social network idea exploded right on their faces. Did they get a share? Did Harvard? Did they support the idea or were they totally against it? Did the professors who taught these kids ever predicted that FB's gonna be huge? did they ever tell themselves, 'Why the hell didn't i think of that?!'


I wonder if the script is out- I think it can be used as a learning activity.

Lady Greenfield: Social networking is turning us into babies

Patrick Wintour, political editor, Tuesday 24 February 2009 10.52 GMT

Wintour wrote an article, Facebook and Bebo risk 'infantilising' the human mind'. His article basically talks about what Lady Greenfield thinks of the social networking sites and how they are changing the way children think and behave, making them selfish with matching attention-deficit-disorder.

Are social networking sites turning us into babies? Does Bebo? I don't use Bebo and therefore can't comment on it; but the name has that similar 'goo-goo' sound babies make...or is it just because both words start with the letter 'B'...

I've been using Twitter and FB, and I don't think they have negatively affected my attention span. Tweets actually make me more attentive, since I could scroll my tweet updates and could easily catch an interesting tweet that deserves my full attention. I would even click on the provided link and read the entire article or watch the video clip and leave a brief comment. Now that I'm slowly making my way back to blogging, I can spend a few minutes and write something about what I've read. Attention is needed when you write, right? Even when you're writing nonsense, it still takes effort to whip up a few words of total B.S.

Now do Twitter and FB influence my identity? That's a loaded question. On FB, I use my real name and add friends and family to my friends' list. Got my entire network of real people who knows 2 or 3 things about me. Aside from my brothers and sister, and a handful of dear friends who could tell the best or worst side of me, the rest of them probably just know a few stuffs about me- mostly good ;-) But do I need to have multiple identities- I don't think so.

Ok, I hear you saying, what about your twitter account? You're using a different name- what's 'motherchina' about? If you're one of my closest friends in college, you won't even ask that question since you're probably one of the culprits who gave me that nickname. Back in those days, we either use silly nicknames (based on our chracter/physical looks/shortened first names e.g. Lalls for Lally, Helgs for Helga) or last name e.g. 'Dux' for Duco, Sison, etc. As for me, I was re-baptized with 'motherchina' because of my chinky eyes. I don't know how and why they came up with 'mother', I seldom cursed or is it my selective memory kicking in? Anyway, the name stuck with me. Now that I'm living in Taiwan, I have not yet heard any politically-loaded comments addressed to me. Yeah- other people may associate the word China (in motherchina) with something else, but who cares? There's a history behind that name, and that's what matters. That's one side of me you probably didn't know.

Wrapping this up, do social networking sites 'changed' my brain? For the better I hope. As I get older, I do find myself forgetting names, losing bits and pieces of my childhood memories and even events that took place less than a decade ago. With FB, I get to re-connect with cousins, many of whom were still little babies when I left for Taiwan- this brings back forgotten memories. I also get to re-connect with my former students- their connections and presence on FB remind me of what kind of teacher I was--likeable I hope (othrwise they won't even add me to their list), and yes a couple of occassional comments like "I miss you or I really enjoyed your classes" make me think of the reason/s why I ended up teaching.


perhaps this article does not relate to me afterall. She was referring to children- not  40-something-gal like me ;-)

MoodleMeet Moodle’rrific

The posting below is an invitation to participate in the upcoming online conference, Moodle'rrific. Please pass it forward to colleagues who may be interested in getting involved.

Word is out that you have developed some successful practices around online learning and we’re hoping that you would be willing to share some of your ideas with colleagues in the upcoming MoodleMeet Moodle’rrific: taking place online between Sept 17-24, 2010.

The purpose of Moodle’rrific is to bring educators from across the world to ‘show and tell’ their successful online practices bringing together innovative uses of technology and personalized. Some of our partners this week include: British Columbia (Canada) Ministry of Education,Commonwealth of Learning*, and CUE BC, .with other partners and individuals still signing on.

We invite you to join this growing team as we work together leading the way  internationally to:

- ensure that educators have access to a network of colleagues to help one another be the best they can be as online or mixed-mode educators

- ensure that students have access to engaging and effective online courses There are several ways you can join us ranging from being a participant during the week, being a “show and tell’ presenter during a 30-min
Elluminate timeslot and being part of the threaded discussion on the topic, and/or being an organizer/facilitator.

We know September 17th is fast approaching and no doubt you’re busy with back-to-school preparations; however, our facilitating team is ready to assist you and to bring you into the event in whatever level of participation interests you.

Please contact me if you have any questions, or want more information. Join us, you’ll be glad you did!

Sent by Sharon Betts on behalf of the Moodle’rrific Team, sharonbetts[@]

Monday, August 23, 2010

Are you a Web Whore?

Are you a web whore? Read this interesting blog post and see if you could relate to Leo,

Let's see if I qualify as one...

Leo joined twitter in 2006. I think I joined in 2007
Leo "sign up for every site, try every web app, use every service I can find". I don't sign up to every web app I find or learned from my web friends, only those that I fancy.

Leo: "I love trying the myriad new ways people are using it to connect and I believed that social media specifically had some magic new potential to bring us together." Me too and I agree that social media connects people, hence the term 'social'?! Hello?...

Leo: "When Google announced Buzz last year I was one of the first to jump on the bandwagon." I didn't. I guess I didn't hear the buzz...

Leo: "Buzz exclusively, replacing Twitter, Friendfeed, and Facebook"  I didn't use Buzz or Friendfeed. Been using Facebook and twittr, and I have never been unfaithful--well, not yet...

Leo: 17,000 people followers. Wow- impressive. I think I'm more of a 'follower' than the one being followed. Though my tweet numbers may say otherwise,

Leo: use Feeds. I used it and I think I still have my feed site somewhere but I never really get the hang of it.

Leo: "But I ignored my blog and ran off with the sexy, shiny microblogs." I did too, and also ran off with twitter and FB. But now, like Leo, I find myself going back to blogging- tiptoeing my way back.

Leo: "Screw you Google Buzz. You broke my heart" I can't say the same to Google Buzz. Didn't ran off with buzz. So far, I'm enjoying the company my network of social media brings me. In this world of 'change' and social mobility, tech tools come and go, but  what I find interesting and yes motivating and sometimes heartwarming is no matter which web tool I use or web space I land in, a handful of webheads are ALWAYS there to accompany me with my online journey. Joining the bandwagon are a few IATEFL folks that keep me good company too- making the tweets I get even more stweeter :-)

So, am I web whore? Well, are you? If you're interested in technology and its uses in the language classroom, you don't have a choice but to try the tools that are out there. You're gonna be doing a lot of 'sign ups', trying lots of web apps, transferring files from here to there, shifting from one task to another, etc. If you count all these as being 'unfaithful' and 'web promiscuity', well, then I am guilty as charged. Don't be so judgemental, I'm sure you've got your little secret tucked in somewhere. You're digital footprints could lead us to the web paths you've taken, and then we could see and judge...


How Fairy Tale Ends: Ideas for Language Writing Tasks

Hi All,

This was forwarded to me by my sister-in-law. It's just for fun, but I think it

(the idea) can be used as a writing/speaking activity. Some points to consider:

- Write a paragraph or brief essay (which could be posted on blogs/wikis/google

docs) about

  • fairy tales vs practical/cruel realities of life
  • childhood stories- when to start/end believing in them
  • describe the story behind the picture/s (easy task)
Anyway, perhaps you could think of other better ideas :-)


How fairy tales really end:



Little Red Riding Hood

Sleeping Beauty

Jasmine: Aladdin


Belle: Beauty and the Beast

The Little Mermaid

Seems like only yesterday...

BARBIE DOLL has her 50th birthday this year......

Tweety Bird is 60 years old!


What about our superheroes?


Read: 25 Ways to Tell You're Grown Up,