Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Social Network Official Trailer -In theatres Oct 1 2010

This is not just a story about Facebook- the social network. It's a story about all the negative things about being human- greed, selfishness, vicious desires, etc., etc. It shows what people would do for the sake of money. Take the trivial things out of FB, and what have you got?

500 million friends. wow, what a network. But with that number, what kinds of relationships are created? How long can a social pyramid based on weak foundations of trivial friends and connections stand? It will soon crumble, and when it does count again the number of friends on your list, and you'll see.

This film is showing in October. Are you going to watch it? I think I will; I'd like to find out how the professors/admi in Harvard reacted to the whole FB thing. I wonder how their (the two kids featured in the movie) professors felt when the social network idea exploded right on their faces. Did they get a share? Did Harvard? Did they support the idea or were they totally against it? Did the professors who taught these kids ever predicted that FB's gonna be huge? did they ever tell themselves, 'Why the hell didn't i think of that?!'


I wonder if the script is out- I think it can be used as a learning activity.

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