Wednesday, April 20, 2005

David Nunan's Workshop: Motivating Young Learners

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David Nunan talked about the 7 principles of motivation:
1. Make learning goals explicit. Share the goals to students, make students aware fo them to become motivated. What goals are and how to achieve goals.

2. Select content that learners can relate to.

3. Scaffold the learning process.

4. Provide the opportunites for personalization. Provide students the chance to invest on their learning.

5. Encourage group cohesion.

6. provide opportunities for genuine communication

7. provide learners evidence of progress

Fina also attended this conference, and according to her, out of the 3 workshops that were offered, she felt that Susan Stempleski's workshop was more engaging. Unfortunately, I missed Susan's session. I arrived just in time for David's workshop.

I also had a chance to talk to him about the workshop on distance learning that he's going to conduct sometime July in the U.S.


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