Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Guest Speaker for Cindy's Live Session

Here's a brief bio of Terry Doyle.

Terry Doyle has been an ESL teacher at City College of San Franciscosince 1978. He has taught all of those years but one in non-credit classes. These classes include many retired seniors, He teaches all levels and skills, but he specializes in using authentic movies to teach ESL. He has also collaborated with another teacher on organizing a Video Drama club. He graduated from UC Berkeley with an MA in linguistics, from San Francisco State University with a MA in TESOL, and from the University of San Francisco with an EdD in Multicultural and International Education. His dissertation was on language maintenance among Chinese families in San Francisco. His research interests center on NNEST issues and intercultural communication and the connection between these two. He is also currently compiliing a Movie-Idioms dictionary which he plans (with the help of some weboholic) to put on a website.

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