Saturday, June 25, 2005

Online Discussion on Teaching Writing to Young EFL Learners

Online guests for Aiden Yeh's online discussion on teaching writing to young EFL learners. This online session is part of Joy Chiu's teacher development training program.  Posted by Hello

What: Online chat
Time: 9:30 pm Taiwan time
Place: Alado, http://www.aladonet/webheads
Login: Type your name, No need for password, click 'enter'
Date: June 25, 2005, Saturday

Topic of discussion: Teaching writing to young learners
For: Buxiban teachers

Guests: Teresa Almeida D'Eca, Gladys Baya, Alejandra Weser, Prof. Dafne Gonzalez

Online Resources for Teachers of Young Language Learners [Reading and Writing], click here.

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