Friday, June 10, 2005

teaching writing [response to Joy]

Many, many thanks for your email. It's certainly nice to hear from you. So, you've finally accepted the job offer from Garden. That's good news. How is it?

With regards to your topic, I think that it is very interesting. I'll line up some topics and will get in touch with lecturers. Saturday night is cool.

I'll keep you updated.


Chiu Joy wrote:
Dear Aiden,

Sat nights are fine. Just let me know which day.
And because I've just started my only new class at Garden
this week, I need a little time to set up the class.
The observation will take place once before and once after
the online lecture, right?

So as soon as you lend me the equiment (let's say,
sometime between mid June and the begining of July),
I should be able to record the first part.

As to the second time, maybe you can come in if
you like. Or I can tape it, but first we need to schedule
a date for the on-line lecture. The topic I want to discuss:
ways/methods/games/activities that help Ss learn how to write.

I guess I need to be more specific, but I don't have a clear
idea myself yet. Will let you know later.

Look forward to the online lecture already!!!
Talk to you soon.

PS. I've got so many wonderful experience with Garden.
But don't have time to put them on my Blog yet.
Hopefully, I can have that done this weekend!!!

Fina aka Joy

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