Friday, July 16, 2010

Comment posted on Cris's blog

Hi Cris,

I'm still trying to finish my own PhD race. Although I am in my last leg of the race, I feel that I have already consumed my last energy pack. After writing the first five chapters, working on the last one is not as easy as I thought it would be. I need to consolidate all the ideas that I've presented in the previous chapters, but I find myself running out of things to say.

I started this race back in 2004. 'worked on my pilot study, survey, and case study. Then by early 2006, I took a Leave of absence due to personal reasons. Miki (my husband) decided to subspecialize in Nephrology which would take 2 years. I was only able to continue my studies after he got his subspecialty certificate- that was in 2008. Using the data gathered in 2005 were still useful but I felt I needed to spruce things up. So, I did another survey, a replicate of the 2005 survey, and a new case study. I'm hoping that I did the right move, and that I'm presenting something that is worthy of a PhD degree.

Cris, I could almost see the finish line; It's near and yet so far...will I be able to make it before my energy pack totally runs out?

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