Sunday, July 11, 2010

Invitation to listen to David Crystal on the British Council Isle in Second Life

Posted on behalf of Graham Stanley

We are pleased to announce that two talks by renowned linguist David

Crystal next week which will be retransmitted live to people on the

British Council Isle in Second Life

Details are here:

1) Speaking Shakespeare: Fact and Fiction

A light-hearted romp through Shakespeare

Prof. David Crystal and Hilary Crystal

WHEN: Monday, July 12, 2010 at 5.00pm UK time

see for local time

WHERE: British Council Isle

2)Myths and realities of English on the Internet

by Prof. David Crystal

The internet, the language linker par excellence, offers ELT fresh

opportunities and challenges, but to respond to these requires an

understanding of how language is evolving in electronic media. The

talk examines some of the myths about what is happening to English in

electronic communication, and discusses research realities.

WHEN: Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 9am UK time - see for local time

WHERE: British Council Isle


To participate in the event, join us at the British Council Isle in

Second Life:

Anybody (over 18) can access the Main Grid island by downloading the

Second Life software from

Creating an avatar is free and takes 15 minutes. Once you've

registered and downloaded the software, teleport directly to the event

by clicking on the following link in your browser:

For more information on Second Life for English learners and teachers

have a look here:


David Crystal will be speaking live at ETAI's 6th International

conference, Linking Through Language (see

for more information)

Looking forward to seeing you on the island!

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