Friday, January 21, 2005

Re: Something you want to know

Dear April,

Many thanks for your email. I will be passing your message to a group of TESOL experts and we will outline an online session for you. Before we discuss the firs topic of discussion, about the basics of professional development, I'd like to wait for Mei to join our yahoogroups. Mei has agreed to participate in this research also. As you know I need at least 2-3 teachers, I have other teachers who gave me their word but it looks like that I could not count on them. So, I am back to square one which is to look for the third teacher who's willing to participate. Once I locked this in, then I could proceed to the discussion and hands-on activity.

Thanks again, April [is this your name?].

I've noticed that 3 other invited teachers joined our YG but they have not made their brief introductions yet. I hope that they would do so in time.


apriltej122 wrote:
Dearest Aiden: Here are some answers I think you are eager to know. 1. My current working scenario---I have been working at the cram school for a half year since I came back to Kaohsiung. (I graduated last June then I flew to vistit my friend in Boston. That means I started to work at the cram school from last August). My working environment is pretty good.My duty is to cooperate with the foreign teacher. I teach English one hour a day but I need to be in the classroom to deal with the children's problem when the foreign teacher teaches.(The foreign teacher teaches English 2 hours a day in my class) That means the children learn English 3 hours a day. I think I am very lucky because the foreigner who I cooperated is from "Hess". He has been trained to teach English for a period of time in Taipei. I don't need to worry about his preparation or teaching methods before the class.I learned a lot of things(e.g games , phonics, teaching story....) from him. Although I abandned this job in favor of another, I still contact with him.... 2. The teaching skill I know---Depending on different children and English level, there are some skills can be used! For example, TPR, games, activities, roll play......but I think the most important thing is to understand each kids personalities and characteristic to develope and apply the skill what we know from the books or experience. 3. The skill I want to learn and improve-- Because I always teach 7-9 years old students, I don't know how to teach higher grade students.4. The poll--- I took the poll already!! 5.What I want to learn--I would like to learn both to improve my own language skills and to learn how to teach these to my students!! Thank you !!

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