Monday, February 14, 2005

Applying the benefits of blogs on TPD

According to Brock, Yu and Wong, 1992 in Richards and Lockhart, 1996, 'keeping a journal can also be beneficial when one or more colleagues share their journals and meet regularly to discuss them.' Since your blogs are available online, we don't have to meet face-to-face to discuss what's on your blog.

In blogger, you are allowed to comment on somebody else's blog.

It is in this spirit of collaboration that I ask you to leave a comment on your colleagues's blog. I suggest that you do this regularly, as in once a week, so we could learn more from each other.

I should note, however, that we should practice professionalism in the midst of camaraderie. All comments that will be made must be taken in the light of constructive criticism. We comment on the topic and the issues being addressed and not on the person making the comment nor the person who wrote the topic that we wish to comment on.

To also foster reflective writing on your blogs, I will ask other teachers [mostly foreign teachers living abroad] to comment on your blogs] to generate more ideas.

I look forward to reading your blogs and comments.



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