Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Mei's answers to buxiban teachers on tpd

I always ask myself these questions. I like kids. I really want them
to feel happy in learning English. I am glad to know my cram school
has the same thought with me. :)
But there are some unbreakable concepts in Chinese society. For
example: Parents always want to see their kids get higher grade
instead of knowing how much or how better their kids learn.
Especially in town. City parents are more educated than town
parents. I don't mean to offend anyone, I just make a comment out of
personal feeling. I used to teach in the city cram school, now I
teach in town. Are we changed when we become parents? We want our
kids to get the best, so we forget we used to be young, to be judged
by the grades?
Being the teacher, I totally agree what the author said. We have to
have the right will to move on. That will be the best to our next
generation!! ^^"

PS: Sorry for typing too much...... >"<

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