Monday, February 07, 2005

CJ aka Joy Chiu has created her blog!

Hi CJ,

Thanks for putting up your blog. There's one hitch though, the link to your blog isn't working. I think you missed one step when you created your blog. You need to 'republish' it everytime you make any changes to update it.

You may check the steps here,

I think Joy Chou also had the same problem. If anyone on the list knows how to fix the problem, I'd aprreciate the help.

CJ Joy wrote:

Hi, all,

This is Joy Chiu. You can call me "CJ" so it will be less confusing
for the group discussion purpose (since we have another Joy on our

I created my blog ( this morning
and also posted my feedback on the two questions that Aiden wanted us
to answer. It was an enjoyable process…though I have left school
for two years and it hurts when I try to use my brain too much. :P

I have asked Peggy to sign me up for the seminar on Feb 23th. Hope
you can all make it there too. I look forward to meeting the

Have a wonderful Chinese New Year!


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