Sunday, February 06, 2005

Pumping up some answers

This goes to my subject pool [Joy Chiu, Joy Chou, April and Mei]

Since you [Joy Chou and Mei] both have created your blogs, it would be best to use them to post your answers to the questions that I have brought up and will bring up here in Taiwanese EFL teachers' yahoogroups. I do read your blogs regularly so following up on your answers wouldn't be difficult for me ;-) To April and Joy Chiu, you will also have to do this once your blogs are up and running.

I need you to write up your answers [briefly] to the questions to allow me to understand what you believe in. There are no right or wrong answer. You have got to do this [Aiden sounds pathetic.]

There are two issues that I want you to focus.

1) Please go to Message 109 Subject: working scenario of EFL teachers in buxibans: a must read Posted last jan 28.

Question to answer: Buxiban
teachers are too busy, too exhausted, over-worked yet underpaid [?]
Should any of these be a stumbling block for your learning and
professional advancement? Should you give yourselves a little nudge
and say, 'It's darn hard, but I've gotta do it for myself'

2) Go to Message 112 IMPORTANT
Subject: Models of teacher learning
Posted last jan 30

Question to answer: Which is likely to be most effective? Or, how do teachers
learn most effectively?

What’s your opinion on this?

I really hope that you could post your answers to these questions soon so we could proceed to the next topic.

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