Monday, February 21, 2005

In response to Arnold Muhren's comment on TPD

Hi Arnold,

many thanks for posting a comment on my blog. I'm forwarding your message to my Taiwanese yahoogroups because I think the teachers in that group could learn something from your message.

I agree with what you said:

"1) The reflective student teacher may have a "master teacher" around for mentoring, coaching and surely some modelling as well.

2) The reflective student will want to find clarification and support for their own hypotheses, theories, intuitions, actions, behaviour, hunches, etc. in the literature or in discussions with more experienced colleagues"

I am hoping that what I'm doing would somehow influence these teachers to become reflective teachers and like what michael butler mentioned in his email when he joined the group that he wanted to see how they become better teachers without their employer telling them. Me too. Taiwanese teachers in cram schools deserve to learn more not only teaching methodologies but how to reflect on their teaching as well.

I invite you to join this group and feel free to toss in your two euros!


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