Monday, February 14, 2005

Mei's answers on Models of teacher learning

About message 112, my point of view is choice 3 is more
effective for me. That is what I learned from my cram school. When I
was new teacher in my cram school, I had to observe the experienced
teachers’ classes in order to get the teaching experience. Then I
recalled my memory of previous teaching or something I learned from
the teaching courses, and combined with my observations to present
my own teaching to students. I like to observe the classes from the
experienced teachers because they always give me many inspirations
of teaching. We do discussions all the time to exchange the teaching
experiences. Theory is one thing, it gives us the brief idea of
teaching; but putting it in practice is another thing. By exchanging
the experiences we gain, we all can gain the real needs of our
students. I think that’s pretty good for me and my students. ^^ [Mei]

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